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Expat Safaris Wishes you the warmest of Welcomes.
Whichever way you ended up here; Search for adventure, a referral from a friend or even a web re-direct, either way we are glad you are here. Consider this a nudge towards that hunger inside you, a craving to feast your undying need for a little bit of heaven on earth. Take a leap and fall into the bliss of endless beauty, mesmerizing views, exhilarating experiences and magical nights you’ll forever tell at you family gatherings.

We are a family away from home. With our professional and hands on tour guides, prepare to be enlightened about the secrets that make this country indeed the Pearl of Africa, indulge in a rich culture that embodies love and brotherhood, taste a range of foods that awaken senses you never thought you had and kick back, allow the adventurer in you to come out and play. She or he deserves it. Oh and I’m not supposed to tell you this but look out for surprises along the way to spice up the trip and enrich your already zealous curiosity about everything Ugandan. You won’t regret it.

Why travel with us?

  • 24-hour cancellation policy
  • The lowest price guarantee
  • Millions of customer reviews
  • 24/7 multilingual customer care

When travelling with people who love and know their business- they are sure to succeed! You are our priority. We put all your needs on top of the list. Our amazing reviews as I am sure you have or are about to read accurately highlight our committed involvement with you which commences with the initial message, engaging correspondences and credible flexibility as we plan together your customized trip down to the very last detail. We are transparent, honest and incredibly dedicated to making your stay as comfortable and exhilarating as you envision it to be. You will be treated not as a host but family and a friend.

Take a trek with us through the tropical rain forest and alpine meadows to the snow at the Peak of Rwenzori Mountains, stand before the unforgettable view of the Murchison waterfalls right on the course of the Great Nile, come face to face with a range of mammals in the mist covered Bwindi Impenetrable forest like gorillas, baboons, chimpanzees, the spell bounding views of lake Bunyonyi and obviously not to miss out the Dwayne Johnson of all- queen Elizabeth National Park to be graced by the presence of Buffalos, African bush elephants, Lions, African leopards, the Ugandan Kobs among others.

Now tell me that you’re not literally tingling at the thought of experiencing this first hand?
Get in touch with us already and allow us give you the adventure of a lifetime.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Love from all of us! ?